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JV Darapsinga- Boston, MA - Hoodsingaz Entertainment

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Management: DJ Ron G 


Javon Townes (JV) born December 30, 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts realized his talent as a singer at the tender age of nine years old. Growing up in the streets of Roxbury, Mattapan which are known as the most notorious ghettos in the city of Boston; JV grew accustomed to having to ward off the constant violence and oppression that the streets emanate.

In fact, it was at the age of seventeen that JV made the decision to pursue a career as an R&B singer when he began to use his songwriting and singing abilities as an outlet for his fustrations. However it became a bit more than that, as he began to create a category of R&B that blended conventional rap and soulful R&B with a twist of the street. Subsequently the rap singing style, from which JV DaRapSinga took his name, was born.

When asked what he brings to the game he says, "Originality and tasteful creativity."I write raps and I sing them" " JV draws his inspiration from artists such as R.kelly, Marvin Gaye, Donell Jones, Hi five, Jagged edge, Michael Jackson, Usher, New Edition, Jay-Z, B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. JV's work ethic is amazing as he stays up late nights and early mornings completing his recordings. anybody that knows jv knows he is very passionate about his music and takes every second of his time working seriously. Some would say a artist that "SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BLEW".

This doesnt stop his drive to be successful as he has performed literally everywhere, in new england and continues to find stage after stage to display his craft.The only thing left to do is to have a record label see his vision. In closing it can be said that after opening for industry headliners like Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Beanie Seigel, 50 Cent, to name a a small few , JV’s soulfully raw voice, infectious lyrics and rap-songwriting style makes him one to watch. With the album in the chamber, ready to go, JV DaRapSinga now just has to prepare himself for the stardom that is sure to follow.

King Stallyn- New London, CT - Pier Style Entertainment

Music Sites 

Management: Independent


King Stallyn has been on assorted mixtapes with the Legendary DJ Ron G and is representing State Pier, New London in Connecticut

His Label is Pier Style Entertainment 

King Stallyn has a flow which is basiclly paying homage to Legends like Jeru The Damaja and The Wu Tang Clan. Representing The 90's Era of hip hop with the originality and culture which is rarely seen this day and age.

The Fixer showcased a few beats to King Stallyn and once I get the tracks that are completed I can have you hit the site to check out the Official Album.

King Stallyn privately recorded the whole entire album solo with a few beats produced from "The Fixer" as well as design from the cd cover. The Fixer gives alot of credit to this artist because as it goes with the times it's hard to get work and King Stallyn can get to the top especially with his talents.

To See The Tracks Co Produced as far as beats go check out the services page. The Tracks Were Named By King Stallyn and The Fixer did not write any of the verses to the songs listed on the page but worked on the beats.

Credit to King Stallyn for being original and appreciation goes to him for the opportunity and the time to use my skills on the beats he worked on.

Jwii Da Gameboy- Compton, CA - H.O.T.T.A Records

Music Sites:

Management: Independent


Jason Brown aka (Jwii) Born October 3rd, in Compton, CA established his label H.O.T.T.A Records known as (Hated On Time & Time Again) in 2006.

He has worked on the mixtape which is featured on

Jwii Da Gameboy got into the rap game and has released the album "What The Streets Needed."

He has the sound of the eastcoast on certain tracks but maintains the soul of the westcoast rarely seen in some of the new emcees. Jwii has the sound similar to Shyheim vocally with the ability similar to Warren G's earlier work but has the skills to be involved with the hip hop game.

His featured Single Clean N House Remix with Phat Rat representing "The Black Wallstreet" is one of the hardest tracks I can honestly say that heads need to listen to. Jwiii has a freestyle over DJ Premier's-Nas Is Like which is just as hard.

My Opinion this is going to be one of the most noteworthy artists in hiphop to come

Check out his site because it's got some serious cuts that represent the Westcoast.

DJ Frank Lo

Old School Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, 80's R&B Classic Rock House, Indie, Electro, & MOD


Email: [email protected]

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